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Buying An Accident Damaged Vehicle Can Be Cheaper If You Know What You Are Doing!

Due to the ever increasing prices of vehicles here in South Africa, most people are now turning to the car scrap garages to buy accident damaged cars. This might sound as if you are looking for the cheap low quality route but that's not so. I had the opportunity to visit one of these garages in City Deep Johannesburg the other day and I must say I did see some very wonderful cars. Not all the accident damaged cars will be write-offs. You will discover that some only have a slight dent that will be on the side, the front or the back. Most of these dents can easily be repaired and as a result you can get a very good car for next to nothing.

But why do people despise accident damaged vehicles. Well there are a number of reasons why people do that. The first reason being that repairing the car might prove to be way too expensive or you won't be able to find the specific parts for that car. For example if you buy an accident damaged Japanese vehicle from the scrap yard. Chances are you probably wont be able to find the specific parts for the car here in Johannesburg and even South Africa. I am not saying that its impossible to get them because obviously there are a lot of car part importers who can source all the Japanese parts for you, but rest assured that they will not do it cheap. Most charge very high prices because of the import duty and so on. The South Africa Government imposed a ban on registering Japanese vehicles here in South Africa and they allow set very high import duty for these parts.

An accident damaged vehicle is easy to repair

However if you look at it from another perspective, buying an accident damaged vehicle will definitely help you to save a lot of money. For example if Tom; who buys a accident damaged 318i BMW 2000 model from the scrap yard. The car was damaged on the passenger side door, all Tom has to do is do is repair the part and he will have a good as new BMW. It will probably cost him about R8000 to sort out everything if he goes to a good and affordable panel beater. Don't go to the big name Panel beaters as they will charge you an arm and a leg. In fact there are a lot of car dealers who are making it a business to sell accident damaged vehicles at very low prices and you can save a lot of money by going to the scarp yard yourself and getting a car; and then take it to the panel beater.

There are a number of things you need to do before buying the accident damaged car. Never buy a car that wont have an engine. Some people remove the engine because it might be faulty or the car electronic system will not be functioning correctly. Don't be tempted to buy just the body. I know its cheaper but just don't do it. Why you may ask? Because without the engine there is no way of telling what will be wrong with the car. Also buy an accident damaged car as an investment. A friend of mine Charles bought an accident damaged Mazda 6 for R40 000, repairing it will probably cost him about R20 000 and this will mean that he will have bought himself a 2006 Mazda 6 for only R60 000. That's are great price and when he sells it he will obviously do so at current market prices. Wow! That's a great business.

So you see buying an accident damaged vehicle or car isn't all hell like you are made to believe by the car salesmen. You just need to have a decent mechanic who will charge you a good price to repair you car.